Early Childhood Care & Development Certificate


This Certificate Program is a 31 credit program that is designed for individuals who wish to enter the human services field of early childhood development. This program enables those students to acquire the basic techniques, skills, and theoretical background needed for a potential career in early childhood development. All of the credit hours earned in this certificate program are applicable to the Human Services A.A.S. degree program.

Program Goals:

The program will:

  • Develop a range of individual skills that are required for the Early Childhood Care and Development professions.

A.  Demonstrate a proficiency in the skills of:  Key developmental issues in young children, creating healthy, supportive, respectful, and challenging environments for children, program planning, developmentally appropriate practice and application of concepts to home, school, and community, assessments/evaluations, documentation, ethical decision-making behavior, parent communication/partnership strategies, diversity, inclusion, critical thinking/problem-solving, effective communication-both written and verbal, conducting educational presentations, and networking.

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of conceptual information used in Early Childhood Care and Development professions.

A.  Demonstrate the ability to identify and understand the knowledge areas of:  Historical perspectives in theory, application of theories related to children/education, childcare provider roles, documentation forms, learning as a process, conditions and characteristics that place children at risk for developing learning problems, effective prevention strategies, influences on human development, professional development, supervision, standards/Code of Ethics, mandated reporting.

  • Develop additional academic skills required for professional development.

A.  Demonstrate information literacy through the use of technology and research tools.

B.  Prepare and present well-developed informational programs using technology.

  • Promote awareness of a pluralistic society and an acceptance of a global view.

A.  Demonstrate an awareness of human differences to include economic, social, familial, and environmental concerns.

  • Prepare the student for employment and/or transfer to an associate’s degree.

A.  Satisfactory completion of all degree requirements.

B.  Student demonstrates a “fitness for the profession”.

C.  Student meets transfer requirements.

Gainful Employment:

The United States Department of Education has recently mandated that certain information for programs designed to lead to gainful employment be disclosed to prospective students. This program's gainful employment information can be found here.

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