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The Human Services (HUS) Program offers a career-track degree that is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment within a variety of helping professions. This curriculum provides an academic and experiential foundation for skill development. Core studies provide the student with opportunity to practice an essential set of generalist helping skills. Areas of focus include: knowledge and practice of empathic listening, client interviewing and problem solving, advocating for clients within organizational structures, responding in crisis, and attending to multicultural perspectives in case management. In their final semester, students enroll in a sixteen-hour a week internship that serves as a capstone to their studies. Internships in early childhood, family assistance, chemical dependency intervention, and gerontology are just a few of the areas where HUS students have successfully demonstrated professional skill.

Program Mission:

The mission of the Human Services Program is to prepare competent entry-level professionals for employment in the helping professions and/or transfer to baccalaureate programs in Human Services or related fields. The program provides students with theory and practice in general human services and selected specialty areas.

Program Goals:

The program will assist Human Services majors to:

  • develop a range of individual skills that are required for the Human Services professions.

Demonstrate a proficiency in the skills of:  General helping, communication, listening, giving and receiving feedback, confrontation, interviewing and assessment, basic individual and group counseling, documentation, conducting educational presentations, computer/technology, handling a client crisis, case management, ethical behavior, problem-solving, networking/referral, and finding an internship and employment.

  • gain knowledge and an understanding of conceptual information used in the Human Services professions.

Demonstrate the ability to identify and understand the knowledge areas of :  Roles/Functions/ Characteristics of a Human Services Professional, Confidentiality/Mandated Reporting/State Laws, History of the Profession, Standards, Codes of Ethics, theories, diversity/cultural issues, agency operations, supervision, leadership, ethical decision making, professional development, resources, resume’/cover letter development, interviewing.

  • develop additional academic skills required for professional development in the Human Services field

Demonstrate information literacy through the use of technology and research tools.  Prepare and present well-developed informational programs using technology.

  • promote an awareness of a pluralistic society and an acceptance of a global view.

Demonstrate an awareness of human differences to include economic, social, familial, and environmental concerns.

  • prepare the student for employment and/or transfer to a four-year program.

Satisfactory completion of all degree requirements.

Student demonstrates a “fitness for the profession”.

Student meets transfer requirements.

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