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Wireless Network Services at CCC

The Information Technology Department is pleased to announce that wireless internet access is now available throughout our campus though there may be isolated areas where signals are weak.  The service is available to students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors.  At times due to the sheer volume of users (and cell phone usage), the access can be limiting.  We are working on resolving this issue.  

At no time should any student, faculty, staff, or campus visitor plug into our network by using one of our network cables.  Our media enhanced classrooms have technology to allow connection for a laptop.  Check with IT staff concerning this if you have questions.

Residence Halls and Dining Facility:
All floors of Residence Halls and Dining Area though access is limited in individual rooms.

How to use CCC's wireless network:

To use this service, your laptop needs to be equipped with an 802.11n/b/g wireless network card, which is properly installed and configured.  Because of the many different manufacturers and models of wireless network cards, IT cannot guarantee network compatibility with all models.  Also because of the great variety of hardware/software configurations, IT cannot support installation or configuration of the wireless network cards.  However, in most cases, a default installation of wireless network cards and associated software will work with CCC's wireless network without any modification. 

Most operating systems will display the name of the wireless network the computer is connected to, technically known as the SSID.  The correct SSID for our wireless network is 'CCC-Publik'. 

Important things to know about CCC's wireless network (and wireless networking in general):

Wireless network performance can vary greatly, depending on how close you are to the wireless access point, number of physical obstructions between you and the access point, etc.  If you are experiencing poor performance, relocate to another area.

Public wireless networks are not secure.  IT cannot guarantee the security of any PC connected to the wireless network.  Please keep antivirus and firewall software installed, enabled, and up to date on your PC at all times.

The wireless network will provide the user with a connection to campus resources very similar to a standard internet connection originating from off-campus.  This means you will not have a direct connection to campus printers or your network file space while using the wireless network.  If you need to access a file that is in your network space, you can e-mail it to yourself from a campus machine and pick it up on your wireless laptop.  Similarly, if you need to print a file from your laptop, e-mail it to yourself and pick it up from a campus computer.

IT reserves the right to block certain services from being used on the wireless network.

Use of the wireless network at CCC implies consent to adhere to all College policies regarding computer/technology use at Clinton Community College.

IT reserves the right to disconnect any wireless network user at any time, without notice.