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Strategic Planning and Strategic Planning Committee at CCC

The CCC Strategic Planning Process links the 2012-2017 Strategic Plan to assessment and budgeting cycles. The process involves information based decision-making between and among all units and levels of college decision-making. 
The Strategic Planning Committee at Clinton Community College is charged with overseeing the five-year strategic planning cycle and overseeing the development of the annual college-wide goals and objectives that support the five-year planning cycle. The Committee also reviews the resource-related campus needs that have been identified through annual assessment, prioritizes these needs and presents recommendations for subsequent year resource based decisions to the President’s Council.

The Committee includes the following ex-officio members:

College President, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Student Affairs, Vice President for Administration and Finance, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Director of the Center for Community and Workforce Development, Director of Douglas Library, Director of Informational Technology, Director of Buildings and Grounds, Director of College Relations,  Director of Human Resources , Academic Department Chairpersons, Director of Nursing and Allied Health, Director of Admissions, Director of Financial Aid, Director of Campus Life, Director of Accommodative Services, Registrar, Controller, Associate Dean of Institutional Research and Planning (Chair), Assistant Dean for Student Services and Athletics, Chairperson of Faculty Council, Perkins Administrator, Student Support Services Coordinator, and a Student Senate representative or designee.

The Strategic Planning Committee meets monthly during the Fall and Spring semesters and is guided by the Strategic Planning Manual