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A Welcome from the International Club President, Hiroko Kodera

Hello, I am Hiroko Kodera, Clinton's International Club President.

Why I chose Clinton: 
There were no Japanese speakers, so I would learn a lot of English, and I like the environment ! 

What I like best about Clinton: 
The people who study at clinton are nice and kind!  The teachers are really nice to international students and care about us. There are many positive experiences outside of class:  I have made many friends and hang out with them.  I am able to learn more English and how to communicate well.

My Plans: 
I am planning to go the University in NY, and I will study graphic design.

Advice for new students:
You should make friends with students from different countries and talk with them so that you will learn more English well.

Why international students should study at Clinton:  
Clinton will support international students very nicely.  There are small classes and the teachers care about students more and  you will be able to prepare well for successful study at a four year university.