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Residence Life

Residential living is one part of the collective college experience that provides a continuing opportunity for personal, social and intellectual development. One of the objectives of the residence hall program at Clinton Community College is to offer our students frequent opportunities to use the skills and knowledge they have garnered in making independent and mature decisions.

Students at CCC have many housing options. However, the only housing option that will provide students with the richest and most fulfilling life experiences is living in the CCC Residence Halls. Our Residence Halls offer students the big college residential program in a small and comfortable environment.

We have two Residence Halls, Cumberland Hall and Champlain Hall, located just minutes from campus. Situated directly across from the halls is the PARC Place Dining Hall. This building also operates as the Residential Student Union. It is here that many programs and social events occur. In addition, this is where individual student mailboxes can be found.


So...Where are the Residence Halls? The Residence Halls are conveniently located on the former Plattsburgh Air Force Base, just two miles from the Main Campus.

In each Residence Hall there is a laundry facility (bring lots of quarters) and multiple student lounges. Some lounges are for games (foosball, darts, cards, billiards, etc.) studying or watching television. Residents share a fully carpeted spacious room with one roommate. Single occupancy rooms are also available. Two adjoining rooms share a private bathroom. All rooms include beds, dressers, desks, chairs, high speed internet access, and basic cable access.                     
                                                                     What to bring to college

There is ample parking in the Residence Hall parking lot. All students who reside in the halls are welcome to have a vehicle. For students without transportation, the CCPT bus makes stops between the campus and the Residence Halls (South City  & CCC Shopper routes) twice an hour from 7:20 AM until 6:40 PM when classes are in session. Residence Hall students receive a bus sticker which accesses all CCPT routes. Students can also purchase a bus pass for $20.00 per month from the campus store. This pass gives students the freedom of unlimited travel throughout much of Plattsburgh.

To sign up for housing for the 2015-2016 academic year prospective students and current Residence Hall students need to complete and return to the FSA a 2015-2016 Housing License Agreement and a $200.00 Security/Damage Deposit (this is not covered by Financial Aid).  As housing situations are limited, it is advised that all application for housing be submitted 45 days prior to the start of each semester.  However, all applications will be considered until rooms become unavailable.  Single rooms are limited and are on a  first-come-first-serve basis with priority given to returning students. If you have a medical reason that would require you to have a single room, a Clinical Documentation for Accommodation in the Residence Halls form along with a doctor's letter on professional letterhead is required.

The room and board contract is for the entire academic year, payable by semester. Financial Aid can be applied to your room and board bill after the college tuition bill has been paid. The first amounts of aid received at the College are paid to the College for tuition & fees, additional aid is then disbursed to the FSA for Bookstore purchases (amounts charged to PELL or loans) and then to housing and meal plans.

What does it cost to live in the Residence Halls?

Room rates for the 2015-2016 Academic Year
Single Occupancy Room.........$6980.00 per year (billed as $3,490.00 per semester)
Double Occupancy Room.......$5170.00 per year(billed as $2,585.00 per semester)

Board Plan rates per semester for the 2015-2016 academic year**
14 meals per week.................$3,980.00 per year (billed as $1990.00 per semester which includes $100.00 Cougar Cash per semester)
19 meals per week.................$4,348.00 per year (billed as $2,174.00 per semester which includes $125.00 Cougar Cash per semester)

**Please Note: All Residence Hall Students are required to have a meal plan. Special dietary needs should be shared, with an accompanying doctor's order, with the Food Service Manager.

Our community living expectations are outlined in the Student Handbook. It is important that students read this information as they will be held accountable for the information contained within it.

Students residing in the Residence Halls are required to have proof of immunity against measles, mumps, rubella and a completed meningitis form on file with the college 5 days prior to arrival on campus. If we do not have this information on file before you arrive, for your safety and the safety of others, you will not be permitted to move into your room.  Please contact Sandra.Marland with any questions.

Students wishing to cancel or void their housing contract must submit an Exception Request To Live Off-Campus for Residence Hall Students and write a letter to the Vice President for Student Affairs, 136 Clinton Point Drive, Plattsburgh, NY 12901. Appeals will be heard by a Housing Appeals Committee.  

To view the Residence Hall Regulations and Procedures Residence Hall Handbook.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Sarah L. Samson
Director of Campus Life (518) 562-4381.